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90s eurodance sensation Maxx is back!
New single from Lane McCray featuring B.G Prince Of Rap is "I Can Feel It"
Digital Base Project release single Dreams
Eurodance artist Shilton release new single entitled "Lift Me Up"
New single from Digital Base Project is entitled "Airplanes"
Acting Lovers released single "Honey Bunny"
DCX released Eurodance EP
Activate is back with new single "Spotlight"
Dutch eurodance duo Eclipse is back with single "You Make My Day"
Digital Base Project and Jair NJ join forces to record new single
New single from X-Tension is "Stay The Night"
Interview with NEA!
Free 2 Night is back with single "The Message"
Pulse Of The Beat new single is entitled Official Lover
Interview with Alex
Pulse Of The Beat - Party All Night (Album) is out
Eurodance group Flashpoint released new single and published video
Interview with Patrick Thomson(Acting Lovers)
Eurodance band Digital Base Project released album
Michal and Lana - Don't Break My Heart(Remixes)