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Eurodance Magazine is music blog founded 2014.Specialised in promoting finest music mostly eurodance,dance,italodisco and disco.Informative news of the finest releases,interviews with artists and of course all the latest eurodance news that matter along with  features worth spending some time to read them.Its highly recommended to bookmark this page and make it  your point of reference for all the latest eurodance releases.See Reviews about Eurodance and this blog. For more

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About Eurodance Music

 Eurodance (or euro nrg,dancefloor) is a form of electronic dance music (edm) which achieved huge popularity in the 1990s across the world. It originated from europe and the genre combines many elements from various other genres such as italo, techno, hi-nrg and hip house.

Definition of Eurodance

This music is heavily influenced by the use of rich melodic vocals, either exclusively by itself or inclusively with rapped verses. This, combined with cutting-edge synthesizer, strong bass rhythm and melodic hooks, establishes the core foundation of Eurodance music.The term "Eurodance" also became associated with a specific style of European dance music. During its golden years in the mid-1990s, it was referred as "Euro-NRG"; in Europe it was often called "Dancefloor" or simply "Dance".In some Asian music markets called just "Euro". While some use a much broader definition of what is considered "Eurodance",over time, the term particularly came to refer to an NRG-based genre from the 1990s which included a solo vocalist or a rapper/vocalist duet.Although the term was initially used to describe only European dance music productions, there are some examples of acts from the 1990s produced in America, which followed the same music style and became popular particularly in Europe, nowadays are also referred to as Eurodance music.


Eurodance often carries a positive, upbeat attitude; the lyrics usually involve issues of love and peace, dancing and partying, or expressing and overcoming difficult emotions.

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