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I’m an artist and want to be featured on Eurodance Magazine.

If you feel like you’re shaping the future in real-time, please let us know. Eurodance Magazine was created to publish eurodance,trance,pop,disco...etc music. If you’re a musician, send us a music link and we’ll have a listen online.For full feature we need biography,cover photos...etc.This can’t be sent via this contact form,send later when we read your email and request that.

I have a website or blog and would like to exchange links with Eurodance Magazine.

We are always for this, please send an email with subject "Link Exchange" , and we will contact you. Also this can be done via our facebook page just message us and via twitter direct message.

I’m an agency and want to promote a new product or brand or artist.

For branding and advertising initiatives, please email us directly via this contact form subject "Advertising".Thats all we will contact you if is possible that partnership.


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